Term Overview

Senior Level Term 2 2018

We welcome you to Term 2 and hope that you had a great holiday and Easter with family and friends.


Please remember you can contact us throughout the term if you have any questions or concerns.

Paige Burney      pburney@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au

Matthew Mooney    mmooney@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au

Sam Pisotek       spisotek@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au

Jane Weekes     jweekes@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au

Important Dates

15th-17th May       NAPLAN (Year 5)

15th May               Confirmation Parent/Child Workshop Night 7pm   (Year 6)

23rd May               St Anne’s Cross Country

7th June                Confirmation Reflection Day (Year 6)

15th June              Confirmation – St Patrick’s Cathedral 7pm


A reminder that sports uniform is only to be worn on Wednesday and Friday, unless a note from parents is provided, or if parents have been notified by the teachers.  Also, a reminder to the girls that jewellery and nail polish are not part of the uniform (except stud and sleeper earrings).

Interschool Sport

Interschool Sport will be played on most Fridays this term. Some teams will play at home and some away. A fixture will be sent out this week. If there are any changes to the fixture we will let you know. We will require parent helpers to assist us with the various teams. If you are able to help us at any stage please let us know. Thank you to all those parents who have kindly offered help, it is much appreciated.

Curriculum Overview

Religious Education

In Term 2 students will be learning about the Holy Spirit. They will learn about the Gifts and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and explore spirit filled people and saints who have made a difference in the world using the Gifts and Fruits. The students will then focus on social justice and in particular the Catholic Social Teaching perspective on ‘Preferential Option for the Poor’.


Our Inquiry unit this term focuses on social responsibility in business. The students will learn about how businesses can make a difference and impact our society. They will have the opportunity to work in groups to develop a business plan and run a small business with a focus on making a difference to others.


Students will continue to build their written narrative skills and will also work on information reports. They will continue with their individual spelling program to address specific skills and strategies for individual spelling needs. The students will continue to work on developing their comprehension skills when reading. Later in the term the students will participate in a novel study using the book ‘Wonder’.


This term the students will begin by focusing on decimals. They will learn about financial maths and apply their learning when problem solving. Later in the term the students will focus on fractions. They will also work on angles, graphing and data.

Please regularly practise both mental computation skills and timetables with your child, particularly if they need additional support in these areas.

Social Emotional Learning

Our Social Emotional Learning focus this term is on effective teamwork and conflict resolution. The students will explore effective and successful teams as well as identify possible causes of conflict and learn strategies to resolve simple conflict. They will participate in a number of class activities that will give them the opportunity to work in teams and apply what they learn about effective and successful teams.

Physical Education

In Physical Education, students will participate in activities designed to enhance fitness, and discuss the impact regular exercise can have on health and wellbeing. Activities will include the 12 minute run/walk, Bench Step Test, skipping and training runs, with a focus on setting goals and achieving Personal Best. These activities aim to help improve and prepare each student for the St Anne’s Cross Country run held on the 23rd May. Students will also focus on the fundamental movement skill of Kicking. They will practise and refine kicking in a variety of drills and game situations. Finally the last few weeks of Term Two will focus on Invasion Games, where the students will explore and perform different roles and their associated responsibilities.


During Term 2 in Italian the students will continue to be exposed to and use functional language such as scusa, per favore/ per piacere, ascolta, ripeti, avanti, seduti, ai banchi, in circolo, in piedi, posso avere/ usare/ andare, ho bisogno di…, aiuta and come si dice. The students will also use tutti insieme, che and come.

The students will revise greetings, colours, numbers, days of the week and months of the year in Italian.

In pairs, the students will work on an Italian role play, ‘Andare in negozio’ based on a shopping trip. The students will read relevant pieces and use youtube clips to research.

Performing Arts

This term our primary focus of the Performing Arts program is Dance. The students will be integrating four elements of dance: Body (including gestures and zones i.e. front, backwards and sideways), Energy (controlling and combining different movement qualities i.e. strong to gentle), Space ( including levels, direction and group formation) and Time (understanding tempo, rhythm, acceleration and deceleration). As the students learn a song and dance routine for our school concert in Term 3, they will be given opportunities to further develop their confidence and to appreciate the commitment required to prepare and rehearse for a public performance. They will practise their performance skills using focus, clarity of movement

and facial expressions to reflect the mood and character of the music. I’m looking forward to seeing the students and their classmates work together as a team and enjoy the process of learning, reflection and the joy that comes from performing for their families and friends.

Digital Technologies

This term, students will continue with their understanding of being cybersafe. They will explore email etiquette as well as looking at the systems behind emails. Students will also be learning about Spheros. They will be focusing on how to program the Sphero and how to problem solve using the technology.

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