Term Overview

Senior Level Term 4, 2018

We welcome you to the last Term for 2018. It was a very busy and successful term 3 and we are looking forward to an exciting last term ahead.

Please remember you can contact us throughout the term if you have any questions or concerns.

Paige Burney      pburney@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au

Matthew Mooney        mmooney@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au

Sam Pisotek       spisotek@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au

Michelle Gibson     mgibson@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au


Important Dates

Monday 8th October – First day of term 4 2018

Friday 12th October – 5/6BG Assembly Show & Tell

Monday 22nd October – Grade 6 Whitefriars Excursion

Wednesday 24th – Italian Day

Monday 29th October – Starlab Science Incursion

Thursday 1st November – All Saints Whole School Mass

Friday 2nd November – 5/6M Assembly Reflection

Monday 5th November – School Closure Day

Tuesday 6th November – Cup Day, School Closure Day

Wednesday 7th November – Twilight Sports Afternoon at Domeney Oval

Tuesday 13th & 14th November – Grade 5 small group Kinder Visits

Friday 16th November – T20 Cricket Day

Monday 19th November – Water Safety Day at Mount Martha Beach

Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st of November – Grade 5 small group Kinder visits

Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th – Year 5 Senior captain speeches  

Sunday 2nd December – Christmas Carols at Domeney Reserve

Wednesday 12th December – Grade 6 Big Day Out (Venue to be revealed!)

Thursday 6th December – Thanksgiving Whole School Mass

Friday 7th December – 5/6P – Assembly Reflection

Friday 14th December – Final year assembly, 2019 Captains announced

Monday 17th December – Year 6 Graduation Evening, 7pm Mass

Tuesday 18th December – Last day of 2018





A reminder that sports uniform is only to be worn on Wednesday and Friday, unless a note from parents is provided, or if parents have been notified by the teachers.  Also, a reminder to the girls that jewellery and nail polish are not part of the uniform (except stud and sleeper earrings).


Level Sport

Students will continue to have Level Sport on a Friday. At the start of term during these sessions, students will practice skills and activities in preparation for the school Twilight Family Sports evening, T20 Cricket  and water safety. In the latter part of the term we will play a range of different sports and games with the focus on fitness and teamwork.


Curriculum Overview

Religious Education

In Term 4 students will be learning about ‘Waiting for the Saviour’. Students will explore the Old Testament prophecies and coming of the Saviour in scripture. They will investigate the Roman Catholic tradition, as well as different religions, and reflect on the different traditions values and concepts of the Saviour. Students will reflect on how religion contributes to the identity of believers and how our beliefs can impact the way in which we live.


This term’s inquiry unit is titled, ‘Third rock from the sun’, where students will be learning about Earth and Space science.



Our focus this term is to learn about and experiment with the Art Elements. Students will use their knowledge of the art elements to influence their experimentation with different mediums and subject ideas to create their own artwork.



Students will continue their learning in writing different text types including explanation text and narratives. They will continue with their individual spelling and grammar program to address specific skills and strategies for individual needs. The students will also work on developing their reading and comprehension skills. Later in the term the students will engage in literature circles where they will complete a novel study with a group of students.


This term the students will begin by completing a unit of work on Chance and probability. The next mathematical focus will be on pattern and the foundations of algebraic thinking, followed by a focus on Volume, Capacity and Mass and a revision of the fractions/decimals/percentages unit.  

Please regularly practise both mental computation skills and timetables with your child, particularly if they need additional support in these areas.


Social Emotional Learning


During the term students will reflect on how personal strengths assist in achieving success at home, school or in the community. They will work on skills to describe their performance when undertaking independent tasks to reflect and describe how understanding these different aspects of their personality can help them to succeed.



During Term 4, the students will continue to focus on using and responding to functional classroom language. They will also present to the class their findings on an Italian city of choice.

Later in the term the students will be basic Italian grammar and vocabulary and preparing worksheets for their buddies.


Years 5/6 Performing Arts

For the first weeks of this term, the Performing Arts program will focus primarily on Drama. Students will participate in a variety of activities including role-play of situations and events, whilst sustaining role/character, as well as improvisation exercises to develop their creative skills and understanding of the role of voice, character and setting in drama. In the second part of the term the students will learn Christmas songs and Carols in preparation for their performance in our Park Orchards Community Christmas event in December.


Year 5/6 Digital Technologies

This term, the Year 5/6 students will learn about binary, formal written code, different types of data and file formats. They will complete a variety of online and ‘unplugged’ (non-computer-based) activities to consolidate their understanding about these topics. They will also complete a short series of mini-projects using the online Pencilcode program (at http://pencilcode.net) to experiment with formal written code.


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