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Senior Level Term 4 2019 – Click to view term overview

Term 4 Overview 2019 – Senior Level


Welcome to Term 4 2019! Possibly the busiest term of the year, but lots of excitement in the air! The Yr 5’s will be preparing for Kinder visits and presenting Captains speeches, while the Yr 6’s will be preparing for graduation and their transition to secondary school.


There are a number of important events on this term in both our school and the wider community that the students will be involved in. They will be encouraged to represent their school, their families and themselves with respect, compassion and empathy.


Please feel free to contact us throughout the year if you have any questions or concerns.


5/6 P: Sam Pisotek      spisotek@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au

5/6 M: Matthew Mooney mmooney@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au 

5/6 BG: Paige Burney     pburney@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au 

Michelle Gibson mgibson@saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au 


Important Dates 

Thursday 17 Oct: Aquinas Transition 9.30am/MTQ LaTrobe Uni/STEM session 2.30pm/Regional Athletics

Tuesday 22 Oct : Yr 6’s Whitefriars Sports session 12-1pm @ Whitefriars College

Thursday 24 Oct: Sion transition visit 9am/STEM session 2.30pm

Wednesday 30 Oct: ITALIAN DAY!

Friday 1 Nov: Future Stars Hooptime Finals

Wednesday 6 Nov: Twilight Sports

Friday 8 Nov: All Stars Boys Hooptime Finals

Monday 11 Nov: Yr 5 Open Water Learning Experience and Yr 6’s graduation preparation!

Tuesday 12 Nov: Luther transition visit 2-3.30pm

Mon (18/11) – Thursday (21/11): Yr 5’s Kinder visits

*Mon (25/11) – Thursday (28/11): Yr 5’s CAPTAINS SPEECHES? TBC

Thursday 28 Nov: Yr 5’s involved in Foundation 2020 Orientation Day

Wednesday 11 Dec: BIG DAY OUT!

Monday 16 Dec, 7pm: Graduation Mass TBC


There are also some upcoming Orientation Days for the Yr 6’s to attend.

Sion: 29 Nov

Luther: 5 Dec/6 Dec (testing)

Whitefriars: 6 Dec

Aquinas: 9 Dec

CLC: 10 Dec



It is expected that students will be in correct uniform on appropriate days.  Sports uniform is to be worn on Tuesday and Friday only, unless a note from parents is provided, or if parents have been notified by the teachers.  Please make sure particularly that students are wearing the correct coloured socks with the right type of shoes.



5/6 Online

The following online spaces are where students and parents can check in with what is happening in the classroom and access learning resources and activities.


Blog  – https://grade56.global2.vic.edu.au

On our class blog we will post information about what 5/6 has been up to. Homework will also be on the blog weekly so that students can access it, even if they are away or lose their homework sheet.


Manga Highhttps://app.mangahigh.com/en-au/login

We have been using this website to as a maths resource, both in class and for some homework tasks. There is a full range of activities that students can explore if they wish to revise or practise their skills in a particular area of maths.


Spell Anywherehttp://www.spellanywhere.co.uk/insert.php?id=642

This site has a comprehensive set of spelling lists for different ages. It has a simple interface that allows students to practise the words and gives them real time feedback. Students can either see the word first, or use the audio only option to have the website dictate the words to them.


Student Desktophttps://sites.google.com/a/saparkorchards.catholic.edu.au/student-desktop/

From here students can access the various websites that we regularly use in class.


Google Drivehttps://drive.google.com/

Students can access all their learning and work that they have done using G-suite at home by logging in to google drive. To log in they use their school email address.


Homework and Diaries

As you would be aware there was a change to the homework policy in 2017. Please see below the section from the homework policy that is relevant to the 5/6 level. Homework tasks will go out on Wednesday and be due in on Tuesday. Students are expected to record their home reading in their diary, we would expect children to be reading at least 4 times a week. Please feel free to use the Diary for any communication with your class teacher. Homework and diaries will be checked each week.


  • 5/6 M & P Diaries due every Wednesday
  • 5/6 BG Diaries are due every Friday


Excerpt From Homework Policy



 St. Anne’s offers homework as a part of the school’s educational program.

  •     Homework is optional at St Anne’s and at the discretion of the parents
  •     Students on intervention programs, may be required to complete additional tasks, however this will be communicated and agreed with the parents of these students.
  •     Parents will be advised of homework opportunities at the beginning of the school year
  •     All students are encouraged to spend time reading each evening
  • Homework is offered at all levels with the emphasis on the practice of skills in Literacy and Mathematics
  •   Years 3-6 students will use school diaries. Diaries provide a means of regular communication between parents and the school and may include details about homework


Years 5 and 6

 Homework will:

  •     include daily independent reading which is required to be recorded in school diaries
  •     Include practising of appropriate number skills
  •   Include extension of and connection to class work and projects (including Specialist Teacher’s homework when appropriate).

Homework at this level will be approximately one and a half hours per week and will not be set during holidays or during the final week of each term.

Note: Home reading tasks will usually be set on a daily basis in Prep -Year 2. In Years 3 – 6, homework will usually be set on a weekly or fortnightly basis.



Curriculum Overview


RE: In term four students will be learning about:


Mary the Faithful Disciple – The Tradition of Mary in the Catholic Church

  • Learn about the significance of Mary in the Catholic Church’s History
  • Learn about the Rosary and the symbols, rituals and connections to Mary throughout the Catholic Church’s history
  • Learn how understanding and representation of Mary has changed over time


God in Our Lives and Our World


  • What is the meaning of God?
  • What is your experience with God?
  • How is God represented in our world?
  • Reflect on God in your/their lives.
  • How do you use God in your life?
  • What does God mean to Christians? What does God mean to you/them? 
  • What is your understanding of God?



Inquiry: Energy Makes the World Go Around! 

During Term Four, students will investigate the physical and chemical sciences and how science is evident in our everyday world. Students will engage in scientific experiments and follow the scientific process, writing practical reports and discussing their findings. Students then focused on an area of interest to complete their own scientific projects and present their research.


  • Solids , liquids and gases: their forms and how they can change
  • Investigating particles
  • Electricity – energy moving through wires
  • Light – natural light, visible spectrum (rainbow)


  • Writing a scientific practical report
  • Draw an electrical circuit diagram



Writing Genres

  • Scientific Report
  • Explanations
  • Exposition


Reading: Literacy circles (Book Club)


Speaking and listening: debating


An individual spelling program will run in each of the classes which will help to address specific skills and strategies for individual spelling needs.



Students will cover the following topics in term 4

  • Capacity, Mass, Volume
  • Pattern- Branching & Repetition 
  • Algebra
  • Chance / Data
  • Decimals, Fractions & Percentages
  • Time / timetables


Please regularly practise both mental computation skills and timetables with your child.


Social Emotional Learning:

In Term 4 students will investigate their own personal qualities and strengths and how they can use them to help them succeed in different situations at school and home. Students will also reflect on qualities such as adaptability and persistence and their importance when dealing with new situations. Students will engage in transition activities for the next year in their learning journey, including looking toward secondary school for the year 6 students.


Visual Art:

During Term 4, students will engage in a range of artistic techniques that express their personal beliefs, emotions and understandings of their faith and the world. They will create and display a landscape piece at the Term 4 Art Show. Inspired by their science learning, they will also experiment with combining different artistic techniques and materials, to create a mixed-media artwork.


Digital Technology:


This term, the Senior level will focussing on data, networks and ‘systems thinking’. They will participate in a wide variety of hands-on activities for this topic, such as pulling apart an old laptop or computer, playing a short game on a Nintendo Wii, connecting two devices on the same wireless network, scanning QR codes to learn about binary code, plus more. Each week, one of these activities will be selected as an explicit teaching topic for the students to gain more in-depth understanding about how different technology connects and transfers data in different ways.


Physical Education:

In Term 4, students will prepare for the upcoming Twilight Sports evening held on Wednesday 6th November. Following this, they will be introduced to minor and major games including net/wall games, target games, striking and fielding games, exploring different roles and responsibilities and focusing on skills required to work collaboratively and fairly. 

As part of their Physical Education program the Senior students will also participate in a program run by Life Saving Victoria at Mount Martha LSC. This program will teach the  students practical and engaging water safety, lifesaving and emergency response skills. 


Performing Arts:


This term the focus for the Performing Arts Program continues to be Music. The students will be  creating and recording their own drum, guitar and keyboard compositions on an ipad, using the GarageBand app. They will share their music with their peers. The students will continue to develop their aural skills by singing together focusing on pitch, tempo, volume and dynamics. They will also learn a Christmas Carol and Christmas song as we prepare for our public performance at the Park Orchards Community Carols in December. 




During Term 4 students will learn a poem in Italian and perform it to the class, paying particular attention to pronunciation and expression. They will research an Italian city of choice and share their findings with the class. They will also revise grammar and vocabulary and prepare worksheets for their buddies.


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