Term Overview

Senior Level Term 4 2017

Welcome to Term Four!!

Important Dates

24th October                Year 6 to visit Whitefriars for Sports Activity

30th October               All Star Girls Hooptime

28th October               T-20 Milo Cricket Day  (whole level)

14th – 22nd             November Yr 5 visits to Park Orchards Kindergarten

23rd  November       Prep Orientation Day – Yr 5 to meet their buddy.

15th December                    Yr 6 Big Day Out

18th December                    Graduation

19th December                    Final Assembly and Yr 5 students receive                                                       their new jumpers

TBC                                       Level excursion – ‘Race Around The City’

Yr6 Transitions and Orientation Days

This term will include more transition meetings with the secondary schools which our Yr 6 students will be attending next year.  During these visits, students will have the opportunity to speak to the visiting teacher and ask questions that will help them in their transition to secondary school.  Also Yr 6 students will be attending their various Orientation Days.


Please continue to make sure that all students have correct uniform on each day, and that jewellery and nail polish are not worn.  Students must also wear hats this term.


Senior Level students will be involved in the finals of the Hooptime competitions, the next level of Athletics for those students who won their events, Twilight Sports and the Milo Cricket.  The whole level will be involved in Milo Cricket, which, in the past, has been an enjoyable day for all and has given the students the opportunity to participate in groups that they often don’t play with.

Curriculum Overview


This term the students will explore and reflect on their own beliefs and understanding of God. They will learn about God as Trinity and reflect on how their beliefs impact their life. Later in the term the students will focus on Advent and in particular make connections between scripture and the Jesse Tree.


During the term the students will continue to develop their narrative and persuasive skills in writing. The students will be introduced to debating and will have the opportunity to present a point of view. They  will continue to be encouraged to select appropriate and  challenging reading material and to read regularly.


Our Inquiry unit this term focuses on Science. Students will be learning about how energy is created and transformed. They will participate in a number of hands on learning activities.


During this term, the students will revisit decimal numbers, fractions and percentages. They will work on measurement skills as well as probability activities.

Please regularly practise both mental computation skills and timetables with your child.

Social Emotional Learning

The focus this term is on recognising and managing emotions. The Year 5 students will also focus on building relationships with younger peers as they prepare to become Buddies for 2018. Leadership will also be another major focus for the Year 5 students. The Year 6 students will be involved in a transition program. This will focus on making new friendships and identifying strategies and choices they can make.

Physical Education

In Term 4, students will practise the fundamental motor skills of the one and two handed strike, focusing on correct grip, stance, balance and follow through. They will strike balls off tees as well as pitched balls of varying sizes. Students will then use these skills in modified games such as Teeball, Softball, Hot Shots, or Cricket. Invasion games will also be a focus for the term, where teams tactically learn to to maintain possession, attack or defend goals and win the ball from opposition teams. Students will also prepare for the upcoming Twilight Sports evening.


This term, the Year 5/6 students will be using the Scratch programming application where they will be exposed to a variety of programming concepts including using variables, conditional statements, loops and creating procedures.


During Term 4 in Italian, the students will be looking at important people in the community and how they influence personal attitudes, beliefs, decisions and behaviours. We will focus on positive role models and how they can influence us to make good choices. The Grade 6 students will also be working on Italian activity sheets for their foundation buddies.  

Performing Arts

The primary focus for the Performing Arts Program this term is Music. The learning activities will expand the student’s knowledge and understanding of musical terms and symbols. They will explore music from different cultures and genres and be able to identify specific features of each. The students will further develop their aural skills by singing together, focusing on pitch, expression, and articulation. Towards the end of the term, they will learn a Christmas song and carol to perform at our Park Orchards Community Christmas Carols in December.

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