The Year 5/6 students have been learning about using strategies in games such as hoop cricket, bases cricket and hotshots tennis.  They have been developing the skill of the forehand strike.

Young Leader’s Day

On Wednesday the 2nd of March our School Captains and House Captains were lucky enough to attend Young Leader’s Day. On this day, students heard from many different inspirational speakers and were able to gain insight into what it means to be a leader and how you can change people’s lives. The theme of the day was ‘Master the Little’. This theme allowed students to see that everything you do big or small, can make a difference. It was a fantastic day and the students who attended will now pass on what they have learnt to their peers to inspire change.

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ICT Term 1

This term, the Year 5/6 students have been revising important cybersafety rules. They have also been practising with Google Forms and creating quizzes to test each other on their cybersafety skills.

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“What do you think is the most important rule about cybersafety?”

Oliver: The most important rule about cybersafety is to never give away personal information

Tahlia: Don’t meet up with people you met online.

Josh: The fact that if you post a picture, it never disappears. 

Nick: I think the most important cybersafety rule is not to leak your info or others info!

Hailey: Strong passwords.

Jack: I think the most important rule is either having a safe password or never interacting with strangers.

Bailey: To make sure your parents know that you are using the internet before you start.

Ashleigh: Don’t put too much info about yourself on the internet- Full name, school, age, phone no. etc

Performing Arts


bellcoll_e0 The primary focus for the Performing Arts Program this term was Music. The learning activities built upon the students understanding of how the elements of music communicate meaning by comparing music used in media i.e. advertising jingles and movie soundtracks. During the term, each student had a choice to investigate either the life and music of a particular composer or an instrument of the orchestra and then present their research along with a music sample, to their classmates. These were very well presented and received by their peers. The students further developed their aural skills by singing a number of contemporary songs together, focusing on pitch and rhythm. Towards the end of the term, the students learned their Christmas songs to perform at our Park Orchards Community Christmas Carols. There were many compliments about their singing and participation at the event and we were very proud of their performances.


Another busy term in Italian for the grade 5 and 6 students!

After completing their recipes ( and some groups even sharing them with the class!) the students began working on activity booklets for their Foundation buddies. The students put so much thought and effort into their work and  I’m sure that their buddies would have loved them! Auguri a tutti! (Well done to all!)

Buon Natale a tutti (merry Christmas to all) and good luck to all of the Year 6s. Hoping that  your future language studies are both enjoyable and inspiring!Italia


St Vincent de Paul Christmas Help

On behalf of all the Senior teachers we would like to say a very big thank you to all our students and families for your incredible generosity. Today we put everything together and the family will be receiving two large food hampers, one hamper full of family gifts and each family member will receive a gift bag full of presents.

We are overwhelmed by the thought, kindness and compassion shown by all. This will make a significant difference to this family at Christmas time.

Thank you so much.

christmas hampers

Race Around the City


Last Wednesday the Senior level participated in the Race Around the City. Both the students and parents enjoyed a beautiful day in Melbourne following clues and navigating their way through the city. Some chose to run the 10km course whilst others enjoyed a leisurely walk. Many thanks to the 35 parents who volunteered their time on  the day.

Year 5 Kinder Visits

Last week the Year 5 students had the opportunity to visit the Park Orchards Kinder. All the Year 5s partnered up with a little buddy and spent some time playing and interacting with them. This was a fantastic experience for our Years 5s.

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Maths Talent Quest

During Term 2 and Term 3 a group of students participated in the Maths Talent Quest. This involved each group coming up with a question which they then used their mathematical thinking and skills to answer. These projects were submitted for judging along with projects from all around Victoria. The students achieved great results and enjoyed their experience.

Last Thursday was presentation day which some of our students were invited to attend with their family.  A great day was had by all and we would like to thank Mrs Dame for her time and support in this project.