Digital Technologies Term 3

This term the Year 5/6 students have been creating ‘Choose Your Own Robot Adventure’ stories. This ties in with our learning about branching within flowcharts – that is, the way computers or robots make decisions based on the code they have to follow and the data that is entered into them.

The students have created stories about our school robots. Each story offers choices for the readers to make for their robots, and includes hyperlinks to different ‘pages’ (slides or sections) depending on what decisions the reader has made. Some of the storylines have been particularly creative – our robots have had lots of different adventures now!!

After creating their stories, the students needed to test it out with their chosen robots to make sure their links worked, and they had to check their peers’ projects too.

Here are a few examples of the students’ adventure stories:






Digital Technologies – Term 2 2017

This term, we have had a lot of fun creating our own websites based on our Inquiry project countries. We have used Google Sites to make some very aesthetic and professional-looking websites. Click on the links below to view some examples of our work!

Emily H – Indonesia

Alana M – Canada

Lucas M – Spain

Anna K – Japan

Chloe C – France

Daniel Mi – Brazil

Corey H – Nepal

Michael C – England

Tobias K – Canada

Hannah T – Vietnam

Mia P – France

Daniel Ma – South Korea

Summer H – India

Aidan M – China

Charlotte S – Alaska

Digital Technologies – Term 1 2017

This term, the Senior students have been using our wonderful new Chromebooks to learn how to use Google apps on a completely new device.

We have explored a couple of concepts side-by-side: firstly, the setup of computer networks and troubleshooting, and secondly, the meaning behind ‘#firstworldproblems’.

We talked about the phrase “First World Problems” and responded to a music video about this idea:

 (5/6B, Group 1)

We made word clouds to discuss the language surrounding computer networks and the internet:




We worked collaboratively to investigate and describe the components of a typical computer network:(5/6WD, Group 2)

 (5/6M, Group 3)

We used National Geographic’s ‘A Developing World’ website to compare the statistics of different countries to Australia, then annotated screenshots to draw attention to the interesting information:

(Max B)

(Emily P)


Overall, the 5/6’s have worked really well with the Chromebooks and have shown a lot of enthusiasm in their lessons this term. Great work, everyone!

Year 5/6 ICT Term 4

This term, the students have made amazing progress in learning about computer programming using the website. Our focus was to create a Christmas Carol or a familiar tune.


Some of the finished products were quite impressive and it has once again been amazing to see how creative our senior students can be!


Click on these links to hear a selection of the students’ work:




Tahlia F:



Jack M:


Josh W:




Tom H:




TimePods: ICT Term 3 2016

This term, the Year 5/6 students have been working in groups to create online time capsules called TimePods. They have had to work collaboratively in Google Docs to record interesting facts and data about a specific points in time over the past few weeks. Additionally, each group had a session in our recording studio to vocally explain their information.

It has really demonstrated how well our students at St Anne’s can take responsibility to work together in different ways to help each other learn new skills and meet deadlines. The recording studio software is often quite complex and tricky to navigate, but most of the groups have either worked independently to trouble-shoot any problems they encountered, or they have worked closely with our Year 5/6 Radio Leaders to make sure their final recordings are of a high standard.

Here are a few samples of the TimePods that have been created.

Click on each screenshot to open an audio (mp3) file and hear the students’ work!

Tahlia, Mia, Amelia & Hannah:


Denzel, Jake, Patrick, Tobias:


Will, Sam & Spencer:


Kayla, Izzy, Lianna & Macey:


Molly, Maya, Imogen & Hannah:


Lewis, Bailey, Blake & Jack: 
Note: you will need to log into Google with your St Anne’s login to hear this recording.





What is the Fosbury Flop?

The Year 5/6 students have been focusing on the technique of the Fosbury Flop in readiness for the St Anne’s Athletics Carnival.  The students have been using the ipads to youtube athletes performing the Fosbury Flop in past Olympic games.  The Fosbury Flop is named after a US High Jumper called Dick Fosbury.  He invented the ‘back-first’ technique which is commonly used by athletes today.  Fosbury won a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico.  His personal best jump was 2.24m.  This record was broken in 1993 by Javier Sotomayor (Cuban) who remains the men’s record holder with a jump of 2.45m.


high jump


ICT in Term 2

This term, the Year 5/6s have built up their ICT skills in a huge variety of ways. It is exciting to hear how they are beginning to use the Recording Studio to record their voices and interview some of the younger students at St Anne’s. Here are three outstanding examples of their work:

Nicholas & Eylah:


Denzel & Daniel:


Hailey & Paige:


Meanwhile, the 5/6s have also been working hard to complete their ‘Google Apps Rubric’. This is a series of mini-lessons designed to teach them how to self-pace their ICT learning. They have used videos and written instructions – as well as teacher & peer support – to hone their skills in a range of Google Apps.

Some of the work has been incredibly creative. Here are some snapshots to represent the types of tasks that have been completed- it was really hard to choose only a few!

Callum Z using Google Forms to survey his peers:


Charlotte S using Google Slides to share her cybersafety knowledge:


Blake V also using Google Slides to create in interactive quiz:


Josh W using Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets to create a picture:


Ashleigh F also using Conditional Formatting to create a quiz:


Tahlia F using Google Sheets to keep track of her data:


Ben B showing his knowledge about how cells are labelled in Google Sheets:


How great it is to see these skills going further and further each term! Keep up the great work!!

Performing Arts


PlaylistsHeader for yr 5-6 blog








This term the students were encouraged to explore a wide range of musical styles to share and reflect on their personal views about music they enjoy listening to. They created a personalised portfolio on a googledoc to represent their musical preferences with annotated examples. The students presented their folios to their peers with explanations relating to their choices. There were discussions about the wide variety of different preferences as well as some similarities, and they learned about how emotional responses are often linked to their choice of music. They were also introduced to the terminology of the elements of music, to assist them to describe their chosen pieces. The early part of the music program this term was spent on learning about the history and lyrics of our Australian national anthem. This was a really productive term and I enjoyed working with the senior students. In Term Two our focus changes as we move to Dance and Drama.





The Year 5/6 students have been learning about using strategies in games such as hoop cricket, bases cricket and hotshots tennis.  They have been developing the skill of the forehand strike.