Programming Animations

The year 5/6 Students are becoming creative with their stick figure Animations.

Although the program Pivot has been around for a while, it still needs the imagination of the children to create a backdrop in paint and import it into the program Pivot. Each piece of movement is then programmed frame by frame to put together a mini story if you like. Here is a sample that was done this term.

Create your own Surveys

The year 5/6 children received their Google accounts earlier this year and one of the products in the suite was the ability to create surveys by using Google Forms.

The students chose a topic then formulated relevant questions around their subject area. The tricky part was trying to work out the type of question they were to ask that best suited the information that they wanted to gain. They had a choice of plain text, multiple choice, choose from a list, checkboxes, scales and paragraph text. They also had the ability to put in images and video. If they put in media, then questions would follow around their image or video.
It was also possible to customise the form to suit their theme.
They sent their surveys to fellow classmates and in turn they were completing surveys that other class members shared. After results were accumulated, a spreadsheet is generated and graphs are automatically displayed with percentages.



Using Google Draw the year 5/6 Children have created posters with cybersafety messages. They used their own knowledge of cybersafety to make the poster.

They arranged symbols by sending backgrounds to the back and symbols, text and images to the front. Here is a cross section of their posters.

ICT with 5/6 at the movies

Camera Lights and Action

The year 5/6 have been making movies on their iPads with the iMovie app. The Children started by looking at camera angles, then viewed a Youtube clip called The Adventures of the Cardboard Box. They then wrote their own storyline and

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.13.03 am

finally started filming. During the filming the 5/6 students started to utilise all the features in iMovie.
Some of the techniques used were:
Camera Angles: Close ups, Long Shots, Over the shoulder shots, full shots, birds eye view, low shots, Tilt, Dutch Angle and follow the subject.
They used, overlaying sound tracks, slow motion, opening, mid and closing titles, sound effects, voice overs and cutting clips.

Cybersafety and Passwords

All about Passwords

When researching passwords, the year 5/6 students quickly found out that it wasn’t just about “keeping your passwords to yourself.”  They found out about simple and hard passwords, passwords that are easily guessed, tips and tricks for creating and remembering passwords and even the most common passwords that people use. Here is a snapshot of their discoveries.