Digital Technologies Term 3

This term the Year 5/6’s have completed a variety of activities relating to how computers and robots transmit & store data in different ways.

Our first few weeks focused on our school Ozobots, which use light and colour for their programs. We used the Ozoblocky Shape Tracer activities plus a few iPad games to experiment with programming these miniature robots in different ways. We also watched this video to learn about how the Ozobots receive data for their programs.

In the second half of the term, our activities have revolved around using our Dash & Dot robots, using the Blockly app on the iPads. These robots respond to sound and motion to trigger different events, which represents another way of sending, storing & receiving data.

In between using robots, the students have also taken turns in our recording studio to make a short mp3 file. This has been uploaded to their Google drive then shared within their teams. It has been a complex process and a steep learning curve for some students who have never used our recording studio before now. It has been great for the Year 5’s to experience it in preparation for being part of our Year 6 radio announcements next year.

Here are some of our recordings:

Isaac, Will, Ollie & Matt

Simran, Jana, Bella & Talise

Hayley & Mia

Tom, Jordan, Austin & Harry


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