2018 Premiers Reading Challenge

Hi parents and students,

A number of you inquired about a list reading list to help assist your child to find books that will interest and challenge them.

The link below is to the Premiers reading challenge list. Contains over 2000 books so may be a little overwhelming, however it also lists the grade level the books are appropriate, which are new this year, author and title. You can use the spreadsheet filters to reorganise the list by any of the categories and use the search function (ctrl + f) to find a particular title or author. Hopefully this is of some use.

Premiers Reading Challenge List

One thought on “2018 Premiers Reading Challenge

  1. Thanks,

    We used it last year and it’s a great guide. The actual challenge is really worth doing too. You can do it from home or through most schools. We used to do it but they found it too labor-intensive but that was pre-online. Should consider it again.


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