Week 5 & 6

For Inquiry we have started working on our Energy experiments and have had fun with the race around Australia. 5/6 WD are currently on Tasmania, and are working hard on Fridays to make this the best trip ever!

The 5/6s have has a few incursions recently. On Wednesday the 15th of November the 5/6s had an Aboriginal and Hip hop dance incursion. Also on Thursday the 16th of November the 5/6s will have a clay art incursion.

In maths the 5/6 students are working on angles. They are looking at the different types of angles. They are also working on measuring angles using protractors and lots more.

On Wednesday the 8th of November the whole school had Twilight Sports everyone enjoyed it especially the year 6s as it was the last one. Congratulations to Austin for winning the House Spirit Award and Mullane for winning the Twilight Sports Night. Also congratulations to Francesca and Tobias for winning the year 6 race.

The year 5s have had lots of fun going on kinder visits and are very excited to have buddies next year. The year 5s have also been preparing their leadership speeches and the year 6s have had some orientation days and testings days for their new high schools.

The 5/6 level will be going to the city for an excursion on the 28th of November. They will be racing around the city. Thanks for all the parents who have offered to help we couldn’t do it without you.

Week 5 and 6 have been fun, entertaining and very busy for the 5/6s.

Jamie and Mim (5/6WD)

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