Week 3 & 4

This week in maths the 5/6s have been learning about volume and capacity with Mrs.Dame. We have been working in the teacher planning room. We were split into 4 groups and have explored different parts of volume and capacity by doing a range of activities. One of the activities was to work out how many cubic centimetres would fit into the teacher planning room. These activities have increased the 5/6s capabilities in measuring and estimating volume and capacity.

For Inquiry the 5/6s have continued to learn about energy. We have moved around to different classrooms to learn about different ways energy can be used.

On Wednesday in week 3 the whole school had Italian Day. Benedict and Cristian were the hosts for the parade. After the parade the school went off to multi-age groups where the 5/6s read out the italian poems that they had been practising. We were lucky enough to have a magician called Luigi Zucchini perform his magic show in front of us.

In week 4 the 5/6 ‘All Star’ girls went to Division hooptime. They played really well but they did not make it through to Regionals. We also played milo T20 cricket. All the 5/6s were split into teams and played cricket. Everybody had a really exciting day especially the Championship girls team who will be advancing to the next round.

The past 2 weeks have been very entertaining for the 5/6s.

Cristian and Lachlan (5/6B)

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