Week 1 & 2

The first two weeks of this term have been very busy. We have continued to learn about how to convert, simplify, add, subtract, divide, compare and multiply fractions. Each day we would practise a section we needed to work on. On Friday we showed how much we had learned by doing a test.

We also started our Inquiry Unit for term 4. Our topic is ‘Science’, we learnt about all the different types of energy. Some types of energy we learned about were: nuclear, coal, kinetic, heat, electricity, water, air, gas and mechanical.

Each week the 5/6 classes will rotate and learn different things to do with energy for our Science topic. In 5/6M we learnt about light and tried some different experiments using a torch. We predicted how the experiment would go and  recorded down what we observed.

In Religion we learnt about the Trinity and 5/6M shared information about the this at reflection last Friday.

Here is a video we thought you might like about the Trinity.

As a level we started our ‘Race Around Australia’. The ‘Race Around Australia’ is a race where we have teams of 4 and every week on Friday we have to go to a different State or Territory and plan our trip around that State or Territory. When we are there we have to visit 4 attractions, we have to organise the hotels and food for the week. Last week the 5/6s started with Victoria.

Macey & Blake (5/6M)