Digital Technologies – Term 1 2017

This term, the Senior students have been using our wonderful new Chromebooks to learn how to use Google apps on a completely new device.

We have explored a couple of concepts side-by-side: firstly, the setup of computer networks and troubleshooting, and secondly, the meaning behind ‘#firstworldproblems’.

We talked about the phrase “First World Problems” and responded to a music video about this idea:

 (5/6B, Group 1)

We made word clouds to discuss the language surrounding computer networks and the internet:




We worked collaboratively to investigate and describe the components of a typical computer network:(5/6WD, Group 2)

 (5/6M, Group 3)

We used National Geographic’s ‘A Developing World’ website to compare the statistics of different countries to Australia, then annotated screenshots to draw attention to the interesting information:

(Max B)

(Emily P)


Overall, the 5/6’s have worked really well with the Chromebooks and have shown a lot of enthusiasm in their lessons this term. Great work, everyone!