image image imageIn Italian during Term 3 the students chose to write recipes to demonstrate their understanding of instructional language in Italian. The students worked in groups to complete the tasks and worked well together to achieve their goals .

Ben fatto a tutti!


Throughout the term, students were able to refine and expand on a range of skills as well as discuss performance criteria and set goals to improve their performance in athletics events such as hurdles, high jump, shotput, discus, long jump, triple jump, sprints and circular relay.  Students participated in the St Anne’s Athletics Carnival held at Proclamation Park.  Some students represented the school at the recent Ringwood District Athletics Carnival.

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Bridge Building

The Senior Level students were challenged to build a Bridge that could hold at least 500 grams and have a span of 50 cm. Their materials were 100 icy pole sticks and a roll of masking tape. The Bridge was not allowed to be a Beam Bridge. Each group researched various types of Bridges and then sketched their design- Front view, Side view and Birds eye view. They were given the opportunity to test their bridges and make adjustments where necessary, before presenting to the Senior Level students and teachers. IMG_5008 IMG_5011

Programming Animations

The year 5/6 Students are becoming creative with their stick figure Animations.

Although the program Pivot has been around for a while, it still needs the imagination of the children to create a backdrop in paint and import it into the program Pivot. Each piece of movement is then programmed frame by frame to put together a mini story if you like. Here is a sample that was done this term.

Author Visit

To celebrate Book Week the Year 5/6 students were lucky enough to have a visit from an author. Andrew McDonald explained to the students the steps he follows when he writes and shared what inspires him to write. It was great for the level to hear from an author and have the opportunity to ask questions.