Using Google Draw the year 5/6 Children have created posters with cybersafety messages. They used their own knowledge of cybersafety to make the poster.

They arranged symbols by sending backgrounds to the back and symbols, text and images to the front. Here is a cross section of their posters.


In Term 1 in Italian the students created and presented to the class ‘Durante le vacanze sono andato/a …’ (during the school holidays I…). The students presented their work to their peers with care and confidence and worked well in pairs to prepare their tasks.

The seniors also worked on a research task researching some famous Italian landmarks including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, St Peter’s Basalica and others.

St Patrick’s Day – Mass for Schools

Last Tuesday a group of Year 6 students represented St Anne’s at the Mass for Catholic Schools which was celebrated at St Patrick’s Cathedral during Catholic Education Week. The students really enjoyed experiencing Mass at the cathedral before moving on to the Treasury Gardens for a concert and activities in the park. It was a great day for all involved and our Year 6 students were even lucky enough to meet Archbishop Hart.



The Beep Test

The Beep Test is a test of fitness and stamina.  The students run over a 20m distance at increasing speed.  Once they are unable to reach the distance before the beep, they stop. This is their level of achievement.  This is a test used by many sports to assess fitness levels.



The 5/6 students have used the symbol of a tree to better understand the values that underpin friendships including online associations.

The root system representing the underlying friendship values and characteristics.

The trunk which represents the online values that help us to become responsible and ethical users.

The canopy represents the behaviours and safety rules we need to follow.IMG_4969



Interschool Sport

Please note there will be a few changes to the Interschool Sport program this Term. There will be no sport Friday 13th March due to School Closure Day. We will include an extra sport session on Wednesday 25th March as well as Friday 27th March. We are very grateful to those parents who have volunteered their time to assist with the Interschool Sport program.

Artists in Senior Level

photo 3

This term in the Senior Level, our budding artists have played around with colour blending and animals.  They have created amazing peacocks and tigers.  Luckily they were in different classrooms, so all animals were safe!! Creative, bold and colourful animals fill the walls and show both the detail and skills these students have.