This term we have had a the opportunity to participate in Yoga sessions with Jo- learning about the physical and emotional benefits of Yoga.

The students (and teachers!) have been really enjoying this time, twice a week, to un-wind, stretch out, explore how our body’s respond to yoga and become more mindful.


At the end of every session we spend a few minutes in meditation.

Well done to all the students for their positive and focused participation.


T20 Cricket

Last Friday all the senior level had a day at Elgar Park competing against other schools within the area in the modified cricket game.  It was fantastic to see all the students encouraging each other.  This event would not have taken place unless we had the support of our parents.  We are grateful for all the parents, and grandparents, who were able to come with us on this day.

Term 4 Information for Parents

Senior Level Term 4 2014

We welcome you to Term Four in the Senior Level.

Important Dates
28th Oct – Hooptime- Boys All Stars
29th Oct – Hooptime-Future Stars
10th/11th Nov- Yr 5 visit Park Orchards Preschool
17th/18th Nov- second visit to Park Orchards Preschool
27th Nov- Prep Orientation- Yr 5’s meet their new buddies
2nd/3rd Dec- Yr 5 school captain speeches
4th Dec- Senior Level Mass
15th DecYr 6 – Buddy Christmas time
16th Dec – Graduation

• Sports uniform on Tuesday and Friday
• No jewellery or nail polish
• Homework given out on Tuesday and due in on Monday
• Fitness commences at 8.55

Transition Days for Yr 6 students
During Term Four, Secondary Schools which our students will go to next year, will continue to have transition time with their students. This involves a teacher from the Secondary School speaking to their year six students and allowing them time to ask questions. It is a great chance for our students to become familiar with at least one teacher that they will see on Orientation Day or next year. Yr 6 students will also be attending Orientation Days at their new schools.
Also the Year 6 students will be involved in a number of session with Mrs Green and Mrs Kozak to help in their transition to Secondary School.

Our Level Blog
Just a reminder that you can log onto our blog to see what is happening in our level. You can access this via the Learning and teaching link on the school intranet. Happy viewing!

Interschool Sports and other Sporting Activities
This term, some sport teams will compete at the next level and the dates for these will communicated as soon as we know. We also hope that the whole level will be involved in at least one other sporting day where they compete on teams with students that they might not have been with before.
Twilight Sports will also be coming up, which will involve our House Captains and leaders to organise House Chants and to lead their team with good sportsmanship and encouragement.

As the year comes to a close we will be celebrating the Yr 6 students and their journey so far, and we will be wishing them well for their future. Graduation Mass and Ceremony will take place on Tuesday 16th December and they will be involved in preparing for this in the week leading up to the celebration.

School Captains and Leaders for 2015
Yr 5 students will be involved in preparing and delivering a captain/leader speech in early December. These will be shared with the other year 5 students and the teachers. After voting takes place, we intend that the school captains for next year will be announced at Assembly on the 12th December. House Captains are not voted on until the beginning of next year.

Curriculum Overview
During Term Four, the Senior Level will be looking at the parts of the Bible, different roles in society at the time of Jesus, and also exploring stories from both Old Testament and New Testament and discussing their message and meaning. This will also include relevant scripture stories relating to Christmas.

Our Inquiry Unit will be looking at Science, in particular, biological and physical science. Students will have the opportunity to learn about these as well as specific topics they are interested in.

Students will continue to build their narrative writing skills, as well exploring a number of authors. Spelling folders will continue to help address specific skills and strategies for individual spelling needs.

This term, the students will revisit fractions, all processes and equivalent equations. They will work on measurement skills as well as probability activities.
Please regularly practise both mental computation skills and timetables with your child.

Social Emotional Learning
In this area we will look at different social skills including ways to make new connections as well as dealing with peer pressure and change.

Physical Education Parent Information
Students will work in small groups to design and modify a simple activity which has elements of fundamental motor skills, safety, rules and scoring. Students will participate in Invasion, Striking and Fielding Games focusing on basic game tactics, attack and defence skills, rules, positions, role of the referee/umpire and consider safety aspects. Some of these games will include Total Bases, Continuous Cricket, T-ball Dodge ball. Students will also participate in Twilight Sports and the Beep Test.

During Term 4 the Grades 5 and 6 students will spend time revising and reinforcing language learnt in Italian. They will also work on activities to share with the younger students.

Performing Art
In Term 4, the students will be focussing on composing their own Christmas songs. Students will work in small groups to write their own lyrics, compose the music and record their voices using the Garage band App. Once the groups have completed song writing, they will create a Christmas themed video to accompany their song.

Initially, at the year 5/6 level the children will finalise their Portfolios, but will also be introduced to Google Apps for Education. This will involve introducing to the children to the Google suite, sharing of documents, storing work, including documents, photos and multimedia that will be available from both school and home. We will also combine ICT and Ipad classes to introduce green screen projects.

Thank you again for your support and cooperation.