How High Can You Jump?

hj1hj2The students have begun to investigate the high jump technique by viewing professional athletes completing the jump as well as finding out how much the technique has changed since the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.  The students have begun to compare their own technique with that of the professional high jumpers.(Photos are blurred due to being a snapshot of a video)

Cybersafety and Passwords

All about Passwords

When researching passwords, the year 5/6 students quickly found out that it wasn’t just about “keeping your passwords to yourself.”  They found out about simple and hard passwords, passwords that are easily guessed, tips and tricks for creating and remembering passwords and even the most common passwords that people use. Here is a snapshot of their discoveries.

Monoprinting Art Class :)

This was a new art skill some of the grade 5 and 6’s learnt this week! Monoprinting! It was lots of fun, very experiential and hands on! All the students work was impressive.


This one was created By Manon!



Kids hard at work!



Hamish’s cool ‘worm’- Nice work Hamish 🙂


Imagine this in a frame! Amazing effect!

…and theres more where that came from! Make sure you un bury these pieces of gold from the ol’ school bag!



Here are some pics…









Check out all all the purchases the students made this week with the money raised. On Friday a representative from Ozanam House is going to be coming to St. Annes to speak with the children as well as receive our donations.

Another thank you for all the students and families in the St. Annes community who attended our ‘Market of OZ’ and contributed to our fundraising.


The Market of OZ!!!

What an amazing effort by our grade 5 and 6 students! We have been able to raise a considerable amount of money for Ozanam House- providing shelter and meals for homeless men in Melbourne. We have truly made a big difference.

The Market of OZ was a great success and the students definitely deserve congratulations on their creativity, effort and persistence. Because it ran over a three week period the students were able to reflect after each weekly market and make team decisions to better their stall in order to raise more money for Ozanam House.

This week especially, the students have really been able to understand and appreciate the difference they have made. It was great to see the students shopping at Eastland with the money raised and buying food, clothing and other specific items that Ozanam House will put to good use.

A BIG thank you to all the parents who have supported us, donated and offered their time. It has been a great Inquiry this term.


Well done to all the grade 5 and 6 students, you should be very proud of yourselves.

The Strengths of our 5/6 Students!

So often Mrs. Weekes, Ms. Jury and Miss. Carrick are impressed by the qualities and strengths of our students. To acknowledge and encourage the students to share them with the world we are using these ‘strength’ cards. A student is chosen and as a class each student chooses a strength in which they believe that student possesses. Each student then explains their choice of strength by describing how that chosen student shows it. It is a reflective and encouraging activity. It is great to hear the responses given.

It is important to realise your own strengths and use them everyday.

you are awesome


These are the strength cards we have been using.